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Common Conditions


Heel pain

  • There are many different types of heel pain ranging from Severs Disease; which commonly effects children, to the very common Plantar Fasciitis.  Plantar Fascia pain most frequently occurs in the side or bottom rear of the heel. Different treatments are available depending on the exact cause of heal pain, including stretching, strengthening and orthotic therapies.

Bunions & Hammer Toes

  • Commonly thought of as an “inherited” issue, however there is a much more complicated and treatable reason behind bunions and hammer toes.  Footwear choices can contribute to the severity of bunions and hammer toes, and more often than not there is an underlying biomechanical issue causing the deformity. Our Podiatrists at Podium Podiatry can can give you education, advice and options for managing these conditions.

Shin splints

  • Shin Splints is a term given to a collective group of conditions causing pain on and along the front or inside of the tibia or shin bone.  There are many causes of shin splints and it is essential that you are assessed properly. Training intensity and frequency are important factors in the initial development of Shin Splints. Foot function problems, impact forces and poor footwear choices all contribute to shin pain.  A detailed history and physical assessment including a biomechanical assessment will help determine the cause and treatment options for your shin splints.


  • Improper foot wear or biomechanical abnormalities are the most common cause of corns and callouses due to excessive pressure on particular areas of the foot.

Fungal nails

  • Discoloured, either yellow or brown, nail fungus is a general unsightly condition that is extremely common. Nearly all of us at sometime in our lives will have a fungal infection in our nails. The fungus that infects your nails is easily obtained at anytime when the nail is lifted from the nail bed. This allows the introduction of fungal spores which commonly inhabit the environment around us. If you’re concerned about possible fungal nails, one of our Podiatrists will diagnose and discuss possible treatment options with you.